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Rolly is a puzzle-solving 2D platformer game that was made for an educational purpose, aiming children of 7-10 ages to understand the basic idea of physics. 

The player moves and switches the material by tilting and touching a phone screen, guiding Rolly to go through the obstacles and lead it to the goal.

The game was made by a group of 6 people in Unity in 10 days, and this was my first time using a commercial game engine to make a game.



Rolly Trailer
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What I did

What I did
  • Built UI functions and UI effects.

  • Implemented the start-menu and result menu.

  • Build a scene manager and game loop 

  • Proposed the basic core concepts of game mechanics and gimmicks

  • Proposed the name of the game "Rolly"


Postmortem / Technical Challenge

The technical challenge for this project was to adjust the physics program. As the gif image is shown on the right side, The water expression keeps constrained to a certain width even though it supposes to overflows from both sides of the cliffs. 

I referred to the website, which one of my team members grabbed the original code from, trying to solve the problem until the due day's morning at 4 AM. The physics part in this wave mechanics was quite simple. However, not even knowing the concepts of line renderer and mesh, make this problem really hard to tackle. Eventually, I end up couldn't solve this problem. 

However, experiencing this level of challenge in the limited time, allowed me to learn so many things that become useful in my future projects.



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