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ArchiTac is a resource gathering and crafting game where you play as TAC, an astronaut whose ship has crashed onto a deserted planet. In order to get off this planet and continue your journey, you will have to collect resources to find and repair your ship while fighting off the local wildlife who are not too happy about your presence here.

Core Contribution

1. Tutorial System - Event handling, Tutorial character AI

2. Save and Load System - Core functions for save and load

3. UI functionalities in the game scene

4. Function components for buildings

5. Item spawning and management system

6. Bug fixes and many small modifications

Tutorial System

Every game has some form of a tutorial that teaches a player how to play a game.

For our game, we decided to make the tutorial in 3D world space instead of 2D screen space. The picture on the right side is the concept picture I was given by a designer. Based on the information, I started to work on some functions.

  • Tutorial character  AI movement

    We wanted to move the tutorial AI character (Archi) along with the player character while in the tutorial mode. Additionally,  Archi is floating on the air and we wanted to give Archi a floating effect while following the player character. So I decided to implement the physics-based AI movement instead of pre-made AI movement like Navmesh.  

  • Event handling

    We didn't want to just show the text for how to control the character in the tutorial, instead, we want to progress the tutorial one by one with a player pass through each instruction. As always, we started to think about the tutorial system when the development was approaching to the end, which means there is no room to change the current system while adding event handling. I just simply contain all the tutorial related functions to one actor and component, and for the part that cannot be put in the actor, such as event firing, I prepared delegate functions and connected to those.

  • Immersive UI for tutorial

    The indicator component was already built in our project. I just need to modify a bit to apply to the tutorial UI.


Game progress Service

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